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Enter the Global-WAN.

To protect Global-WAN end-points, each gate's operating environment must be stable. This is why TrustLeap gates are pre-installed on dedicated hardware. Let us know if you have special requirements.

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Global-WAN Gates

To help individuals and small businesses, TrustLeap uses your subscription to pay for your hardware, hence the low cost of your Global-WAN entry point.

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    Individual

(more devices are available for companies)

Price: 195.00 CHF

This high-quality entry model (locked power plug, etc.) connects up to 4 Gb Ethernet devices:

  This device is shipped with:

  •    A Global-WAN gate

  •    An Administration Console

  •    Activity log files

  •    Configurable Alerts

  •    The Users' Manual
  • Low-consumption
  • Operating temperature range: 0~40°C

The USB ports let you plug removable USB memory sticks or disks to get activity logs (this is the only way to keep a trace of who exchanged data and when: nobody can rebuild this information outside of your gate).

Need a custom offer for specific volumes or other needs? Or want to sponsor additional features? Contact us.