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TrustLeap Affiliate Program

Affiliate (also called "Associate") websites link to the vendor website. These links include your affiliate_id to let the vendor know who has sent a client. When there's a sale, the vendor pays a commission to the affiliate.

In 1996 used this concept as an Internet marketing strategy. Like for, affiliates send us potential buyers and we do the rest: we take the orders, collect payments, ship products and do the support. Today, enjoys over 500,000 affiliate websites.

Amazon would probably not be what it is today without such a wide affiliate network of blogs, PR articles in the media, as well as paid banners and advertisings on third-party websites.

But, at TrustLeap, we did not want our affiliates to: This is why we decided* to:
  • go through a long & complex registration,
  • wonder how much they will really be paid,
  • see their commissions being paid quarterly,
  • let bank fees reduce skinny commissions,
  • risk not being paid for "technical reasons".
  1. make the affiliate registration last less than one minute,
  2. pay the same percentage for all subscriptions' duration,
  3. pay a month after a sale is paid (don't wait long months),
  4. pay on PayPal accounts when possible (no bank fees),
  5. give a free month to orders using an affiliate_id.

[*]: Commissions are calculated on the basis of the whole duration of the subscription (excluding tax, shipping, hardware and other costs). Renewal orders and sales from returning clients also grant rebates and commissions to affiliates. TrustLeap remains the sole owner of its brands, products and clientèle. Purchases made by affiliates can only grant commissions to other affiliates (not to buyers) but affiliates enjoy rebates, like any other customer. Affiliate advantages cannot be cumulated with other partner programs and punctual marketing actions.

With TrustLeap, you are sure to be paid for every sale because:

If your text tells to readers that your affiliate_id is a coupon (12-month subscriptions cost 11 months) then every order will use it to claim the rebate.

We go further for raw links and ads (ie: links placed on blogs or with ads on third-party websites – without explaining how customers can use your affiliate_id as a coupon to save money):

If buyers do not use a coupon when ordering, we search our website's logs for the past 90 days to check if the buyer's IP address came from an affiliate – in which case he receives a commission. In the unlikely case that several affiliates are found then the earliest is used.

What do we expect from you?

The sites, emails, and ads used by your links to our site must follow our general guidelines (accounts failing to do so will be canceled) and should seek to stay relevant with "protecting people's data and privacy".

From the challenges faced by government privacy policies, law firms, finance or the security industry, to the daily problems of accountants, content vendors, archiving, or the SaaS/Cloud industry there's plenty of space for talks.

As an example, there are some materials and links to official media available on our company website.

Interesting, but how much does it pay?

Let's compare the TrustLeap Affiliate Program to full-time Swiss jobs – a country with high salaries (and high living costs). In the comparisons below we only take the cheapest subscriptions (when gates work for others). If the most expensive subscriptions are sold then you can divide the sales numbers below by two (or multiply the gains by two):

After one year an affiliate who sold 12 'Enterprise' plans (1 per month) will make more money than the best-paid Swiss jobs (category 1 in the chart).

If 32 'Small-business' plans (2.6 per month) were sold, then this will pay more than the next well-paid Swiss jobs (category 2).

And, if 12 'Individual' plans were sold per month, then our affiliate will earn more than category 3.

Of course, any mix of subscriptions can be sold.

Remember, renewal commissions are paid to the first purchase's affiliate. So active subscriptions generate recurring revenues, year after year.

To limit upfront costs, it's possible to start without having to create a company: individuals usually benefit from a simplified tax treatments as long as the annual revenues stay below a given limit (France has the 'micro-enterprise' program, without VAT nor accounting rules below 27,000 euros). Check this with the tax authorities or with a professional accountant.

How do I start?

Once submitted, the form below will return your unique affiliate_id. Make sure that you double-check the provided information so we can pay your commissions: