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Trademark Usage – Terms and Conditions

For all allowed uses of our brands and logos, you may not:

  • Modify our logos in any way other than reasonable resizing (it can be resized for page layout constraints but it must not be cropped and must stay clearly recognizable).
  • Combine our brands or logos with other logos, trademarks or designs.
  • Place a logo so close to other content that they seem to be associated.
  • Make our logos the main or most prominently featured element in your content.
  • Use our logos in a way that suggests any kind of TrustLeap, Global-WAN, G-WAN or TWD Industries AG partnership, endorsement, sponsorship or sanction – unless you have received the explicit written permission from us to do so.
  • Use our logos on websites or other places containing content associated with gratuitous denigration (controversy is not a problem when backed by serious and verifiable evidence), pornography, gambling or illegal activities, or with content that denigrates our company, its employees, partners or products, or content that soils our reputation.
  • Use our logos in a way that is deceptive, offensive or objectionable either to the people or to minorities.

TrustLeap welcomes referrals from other vendors, personal and corporate blogs, coupon or discount websites, shopping directories, forums, alternate media, social media references, media quotes, articles, product and technology talks, comparative reviews, and other general-interest publications.

But we do not wish to see the use of:

masked URLs (URL short alias, javascript-encryption), redirects, duplicating (clones of other sites), spamming (sending mass emails without opt-in permission), domain squatting (creating misspelled sites), deceptive practices and potentially unwanted materials for the wide public.

For more information, please read the website legal notice. For any question regarding this policy, contact us.

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